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    "A talent for following the ways of yesterday, is not sufficient to improve the world of today."

    - King Wu-Ling, 307BC

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Set yourself apart Signin to your future

Re-thinking the way we assess the next generation of bright minds.

Mentor others, campaign for change, create a society. We help you build employability and skills, by doing the things that you care about most.

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  • We're not just a list.

    Browse, engage with, and apply to the companies you love, and let them see the real you. We think companies should have profiles too, so why not check out their latest in career advice and find out exactly what they're looking for in a candidate.

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  • What makes you different?

    From your own attendance data, to mentoring others, we believe there are better ways to showcase the things that make you special. We encourage a different way of thinking, and give you the tools to make a difference doing the things you love.

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Meet our family.

These are the innovators we're proud to be supported by.

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